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September 15, 2006 - Posted in Announcements Posted by:

Facundo Montenegro : Former Chair of T.P.D.M

Facundo’s Self-Portrait

TPDM : visual media – promotional video

T.P.D.M stands for Television, Photography and Digital Media department in Gallaudet University, now merged into Art department.

We all worked together to achieve a nice and polished promotional video ending with a powerful message by Facundo Montenegro about Deaf Cinema and filmmakers.

Facundo succumbed to cancer on Dec. 12, 2005 and his spirit will never be forgotten by us.

A quote by Atahualpa Yupanqui written by Facundo was found in his office.

“la voz, no la necesito se’ cantar hasta en silencio”

“The voice, I don’t need it. I even know how to sing in silence.”

You can view his blog set up by his friends at


muck 11 years ago

hi rene, i got teary as i watched the video of facundo. his glowing energy is what i remember the most about him. i’m sorry for your losses as well. hugs


Rene Visco 11 years ago

It’s nice to discover this brief video in my video storage. I completely forgot about it, but I saw it again and it brought me great memories!

Muck, keep shooting those great photos of Deaf life!


Paul Kiel 11 years ago

Hey, thanks for enlightening me about Facundo Montenegro. I can understand now.

I used to work at Gallaudet TV Studio back in 1972 to 1974. I worked with Earl Higgins. We had good relationship.

I had to move on to NTID. I did work at NTID TV Studio..

I would have gone back to Gally to pursue work in TV….but somehow the years flew by.

I am so sorry that I missed the opportunity to know Facundo. He was a good one and did right thing to encourage students to be potential filmmakers!

This is why Jane Fernandes and others have to go!

Good job well done!

Paul Kiel


Patti Durr 11 years ago

oy u made me cry

especially with the ending sign from facundo “will continue / go on / be everlasting”

u have done ur prof good

only knew facundo for a few hours and via email but i can see his influence on many of the best emerging Deaf cinema filmmakers we have

thank u for making this tribute to him

now go make some Deaf films in his honor!


patti durr


Rene Visco 11 years ago

Paul and Patti, thanks for your kind words about Facundo.

More power to Deaf filmmakers!


Jean Boutcher 11 years ago

Facundo was a man of depth.
How sad and sorrowful to
lose a talented man like
him. Requiescat in pace.


Jean Boutcher 11 years ago


Would anyone out there know
where the “Self-Portrait of
Facundo Montegnegro” hang?
I would like to see it.


Anne Marie 11 years ago

When I first saw the LightKitchen, it was my first time seeing something about Deaf Cinema and really beyond, I could clearly see what Rene and later on, other deaf film makers are really doing. I had to ask who was the one who really propelled the whole thing.

I had gotten to know Facundo and now when I see him here, it is heartwrenching however his love for us all lives on.

Anne Marie


Gary Brooks 11 years ago

As always I admired Light Kitchen! I am glad to see it again! Facundo was one of my favorite! Even though he was never my teacher but he does share his film experience with me during lunch time or after work. He was a great guy! I know he is still around in spiritrual! Keep it up Lightkitchen! we need to see more from you! cheers!

Gary Brooks
Freelance Filmmaker


Rene Visco 11 years ago

Anne Marie,

I honestly believe it’s the destiny that we met at Gallaudet University. Facundo was coming from Iowa University with a MFA degree in Filmmaking.

I came to live in Washington, D.C. after I graduated from CSU, Northridge in 2000.

Ryan Commerson introduced me to him and it was a great experience meeting him because he’s the only person that’s knowledgeable in film theory/cinema who can SIGN. It’s a huge relief because I always had relied on class interpreters in my film classes in CSUN. There were great film professors at CSUN, but the bond between the mentor and student during my time was lacking.

It made me realize that there’s so much to tell. Someday, I’ll come around how Facundo was inspired by the documentary, “In the Land of Deaf”. He saw it two times and was floored by the beauty of French sign language in that film.

Think about it. His former Gallaudet students are:

Ryan Commerson (one of the leaders leading the protest recently – also set up a company, MOS International)
Daniele Le Rose (Deaf Media –
Wayne Betts, Jr. (only one semester with him – one of founders of Mosdeux)
Julia Dameron (now a filmmaking student in USC – mainly responsible for arranging audio tracks for Mosdeux’s Vital Signs)
Anders Johannson (a TV host in Sweden Deaf TV channel)
Emilio Insolera (working with Mason Perkins organization on Italian sign language DVDs)

I believe it’s the fate that we all met at Gallaudet University and planted the seeds of “Deaf Cinema”.


Rene Visco 11 years ago


That’s a good question. I’m sure it’s still hanging on the wall at his house in Washington, D.C. I even begged his friends to have a poster of his painting because it’s a beautiful painting about the soul and mind prevailing in the struggle with cancer.

Someday, I’ll get the answer and a copy of his painting.


Anne Marie 11 years ago

No wonder, that explains how Facundo truly had made a huge impact on us.

I’ll love to have a poster of his painting myself. It does not look like cancer but more of his heart.

Anne Marie


Paula Grcevic 11 years ago

What a Beautiful self-portrait Facundo did! He had the eye to create the colors, composition AND inner expressions/artistic mood. Wished I could see more of his work.
His spirit lives on as the colors showed it.


Rene Visco 11 years ago


I agree. I love how the blues contrast with the white background.


Zak Wertz 11 years ago

I’m so stoked to see this video of Facundo. I’m a Deaf Filmmaker now at CSULB Film school in Long Beach, CA. I totally feel as I have met him somewhere before, Our deaf world is so small. I’m excited to see more deaf filmmakers popping up.

His message is going to be everlasting and powerful to new deaf filmmakers like myself.



Mary Lynn 11 years ago

Rene – what great work you’ve done! I stumbled upon this LightKitchen website and recognized you immediately. I met you back at St. Rita’s (back in the day!) Do you remember? I also saw the link to the PBS piece you put together – very inspiring. I never knew the term “audism” but it’s quite powerful and makes a lot of sense to me. I’d love to hear from you!


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