Mission Statement

LightKitchen’s mission is to produce and distribute high quality visual media projects aimed at Deaf and hearing audience in various visual media and to bring the Deaf cinema to the mainstream. In other words, you will enjoy our works!

Rene Visco

Born in Pittsburgh PA as the eleventh child in the family of 12, at the young age, creativity came naturally to Rene during the large dinner gatherings, listening to thousands of stories.

Fresh out of high school, he decided to enroll in California State University, Northridge majoring in Radio, Television, and Film with an emphasis on screenwriting, studying under Alan Armer, an esteemed CSUN screenwriting professor.

Rene has authored many video and film projects, “One Hand” (1996), “Disabled” (1999), “Doppelganger” (2002) and “Maborsi” (2002).

Currently, he works as a technology specialist promoting the use of technology in the classroom in California School for the Deaf, Riverside. Previously, he taught media production to high school students and launched “PAWS TV” campus television channel, a student-oriented news channel. His experiences involved teaching media production courses as an Adjunct Professor at Gallaudet University. Currently, Rene work on two video projects: “Keychain” focusing on an encounter between a Deaf couple and a Deaf peddler and “Audism” a documentary about exploring the various faces of Audism in practice soon to be distributed.

Rene completed his Masters of Arts in Electronic Media and Film from American University in 2003, and will pursue completing his MFA in the future.

Daniele Le Rose

Daniele Le Rose, a creative partner, was born into a deaf family in Cassano all Ionio, near Cosenza, Italy in 1976. Upon high school graduation, the Mason Perkins Deafness Fund awarded him a scholarship with the Fulbright Commission. He attended Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., where he took a course in Television and Film Production that set him on his path.

Daniele was involved in founding LightKitchen, a production group supporting video and film of Deaf Filmmakers, focusing on the visual arts relating to Deaf Culture. Among the more than dozen shorts he produced with LighKitchen are “NYC 24 Hours” (2001) and “Dewdrop of Comfort” (2001), which he also directed.

Daniele returned to Italy, earning a degree in Cinematography at the New University for Cinema and Television in Rome, and then established DeafMedia, his own production company whose goal was to develop Deaf Cinema in Italy as well as offer video production services for deaf and hearing customers alike. Collbroating with Ente Nazionale Sordomuti – Arezzo province, Daniele arranged and hosted the first Deaf Italian movie festival, “Deaf Cinema Day” in Arezzo, Italy which resulted in his second DVD production, “Cortometraggi – Collection of Short Deaf Movies”.

Today he lives in Vienna, Austria working as a main editor and cameraperson for Austria Deaf Association’s online news channel. His latest feature movie, “Dietro il mondo 2″ (DeafMedia, 2005), a fiction depicting the everyday life for Deaf students in Padova, where they only recently began to attend university, is currently in post-production.

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